The Act of Opening derived from questioning the construction of a door. An element in our interior that is often overlooked. There is a lot of space hidden in a door, both in physical and imagination. This is space that we often cannot use.

It raises the question whether we could make better use of the volume inside an interior door?
With my collection I visualize the potential of hidden and unused space by looking at fiction, fantasy and absurdism as a source of inspiration.

I expose the hidden space in the volume of an interior door and propose a new perspective on multifunctional use of volumes.
During the design process I developed this by dissecting and reusing existing interior door constructions.

The project focuses on private homes. With the designs, the user has the possibility to transform a door into a piece of furniture, allowing the space to accommodate multiple functions.
The Act of Opening is about opening a new perspective on the potential of the door, in terms of functionality, material and context.

For my graduation project i discussed and collaborated with:

Jasmijn van der Weide – Illustrations
Thomas van den Bliek – 3d Print Work

Proces talks:

Tosca Schift
Hanneke Klaver
Bruno Vermeersch